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How To Use Block Site Very Easily With VPN

Hello there how are you? Today i will describe to you a very important thing about browsing a website with VPN which is block in your country or block with some trouble. Today's world we all know that internet is our only hope to communicate with others who are very far from us. Sometimes we found that our country doesn't support some sites that's are really important for us. And we sometime found that some movie sites are not for our country. If i tell you about the situation which is right now we are facing that is Facebook is now block in our country. But no tension there are so many way to use those block site. So here i am to tell about one of them. So read carefully. So let's began this trick.


For this purpose we will use Unlimited Free VPN Hola. So be patient and let's rock the world with little hack. First of all install this Extension from the link below.


If you finish this properly then you will see an icon in your browser {Google Crome} . Like this picture below.


Now click on your icon and you will see a gap and write there your desire website's name and they will give you many countries option. Select on of these countries. And browse happily.  See the picture below.

If you do these then it will control your proxy service. You can see this from your browser's setting tab. So be happy and enjoy your ride.

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