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How To Receive All Friend Request At once In Facebook 2016

Hello dear friends, how are you? I know you are fine. I am also fine. So today i have brought to you a very special and needful trick about how you can possibly receive all friend requests at one click on your facebook account. Sometimes we get bored when we receive much requests but we don't have time for receiving these. In that case this will help you a lot.

We all who uses internet we all have almost one account on facebook. And who you people have a facebook account knows well that how boring is accepting all friend requests. And it is much more effectual for female. Because we all know that they got so much friend requests.

Today i am righting about this because i faced the same problem then when i got 1100 friend requests. But by this trick i have only 206 friend requests left. Because my maximum limit is finished. but i know how to add more than 5000 friends if facebook. I will talk about this later.

 So i am not delaying to tell you this trick. So let's rock the internet.

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1. First log in to your facebook account and then go to this link below.

2. If you have more friend requests then scroll down and click on Show More button.

3. After doing all of this just open your console box. It is different with many browser's system. So i am telling all of this to you.  I am a Google Chrome  user. I know most of you like it. But some of our friends uses Mozilla Firefox. So i am telling all of this to you. 

For Chrome you need to click F12 or Ctrl+Shift+j

For FireFox you need to click Ctrl+Shift+C.

So if you done all of this then you will see a Console box like the picture below.

4. Now in the box you have to put some codes. That will automatically receive all of your facebook friend requests. Just copy the code from below and put them into this box and simply click on Enter.

 javascript: var field = document.getElementsByName("actions[accept]");for (i = 0; i < field.length; i++)field[i].click() ;

It will take few second to confirm.  Just click Enter and set back. After finishing that pages request scroll down and click on Show More. Then put this code again and again.

So i know it will help you a lot. Thanks for reading this article.

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