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Top 36 Websites For You -2016

Hello how are you guys? I know you are all fine. I am also fine by the grace of Allah. I am here today for giving you most popular website list that will help you to find anything very easily. We all search google to find our desire file or websites. But sometimes we fails. Because we all know that google only give you those posts that are very SEO maintained. Or we have to to look for 10-20 pages in Google to find these sites. So we sometime fell bored. So no tension i will give you some websites name that will help you not only for their only purpose but also you will find some idea that these kinds of websites are available.

If i give some example that will help you. We all know that all English and Hindi channels are now published from India. And we know that we all love English and Hindi movies. But it is impossible to find when which program are running. Now a website will help us in this condition. So we can guess that websites are so necessary if they are the proper websites.

So i will now give you a list of websites. And you just read the headlines and select your desire website. I will give you all kinds websites. Such as News, Technology and many others. So let's start.

NewsPaper Sites

5. CNN

Blog Sites

2.  TMZ

3.  Mashable

4.  LifeHacker

Media Sites

1. EW

3. Variety

Dating Site

1. Match

3. Zoosk

4. OkCupid

5. JDate

Social Sites

1.  Facebook

2. Twitter

5. VK

People Search Engine

2. Spokeo

5.  Peeplo

Search Engine

1.  Google

2.  Bing

4. Ask

TV Program Schedule

I hope you all enjoyed these list.

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