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Use Twitter Account As Free SMS Sender To All

Hello all how are you? I know you all peoples are very fine. I am also fine by the grace of Allah. I am sorry for not coming back last 3 month with new posts. I was busy with my studies. Now also i am not free but only for you guys i am back to give you a new post. It was long time since i have been not posting in this blog. My exam is near my hand so it will happen further more until my exam finished.

So i am here to give you a very exiting post about free sms sending with out any cost. In this case we will use Twitter. We all know what twitter is. If you don't know then look below .

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What Is Twitter?

First of all Twitter is a Social site like Facebook. I know you better know about Facebook than me. And Twitter is the same. In rank twitter is second on position. Some people don't know about how to tweet or how to create a twitter account. But twitter is on of my favorite. If you like twitter you will also love it better than Facebook i guess. Because it has many features that will make you lovely mad. And it's Trends option is more famous than any-other options.  But today we will talk about it's another feature that is completely free. You can get any update by sms from it. But it has a limit. You can only receive 50 sms per day. But it's cool. 

Why  Will You Use It?

It is a free sms sending option. It will help you when you are a middle man of any organization. Or if you are the leader of any club and if you have to send many sms per day to all the clients then it will help you a lot. You only have to tweet it and Twitter will send them to your all clients. So let's see how to do.

How It Works?

This is the mother paragraph of this post. So read it carefully. It will be possible only then when you all guys will have a twitter account each. So it is clear that you have to be a twitter account owner. So create a twitter account as soon as possible. 

Then you have to add your phone number in it. And after confirming you phone number you will have to do lots of work. Don't worry i here to help you in this case. Then follow me .

Step 1: Log-in to your Twitter account.

Step 2: Then go to your setting option. 

Step 3: Then click on Mobile tab. See the picture below.

Use Twitter Account As Free SMS Sender To All

Step 4: Design your own Notification system. You can customize it in your style. Time also can be selected.

Step 5: Then Save it.

Step 6: Now find your desire account that will you follow and receive sms from that. And if you are a team leader then tell them all to follow you and do what i am telling you. 

Step 7: Now enter into that account and in the right sight you will see  a setting tab click on it. Follow this picture below.

Use Twitter Account As Free SMS Sender To All

Step 8: After clicking that tab you will see many options. You have to click on Turn On Mobile Notification tab. Then what will that account post you will get it on your phone. See this picture below.

Use Twitter Account As Free SMS Sender To All

Step 9: You are all done.

Last Word

In which account will use to send free sms keep it clear . Tweet only when you have to tell something to them. Or if you tweet so much then all the tweets will be send to their mobile number. If you wanna use twitter as personal then create a personal account and enjoy. So this is for today. See you soon. If you like this post then must share it to your friends. 

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